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Jean-Phillipe over everyone

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I think I'm going to buy a pair for the club, something that looks cool but is cheap, warm and durable comparatively to wearing a pair of dress shoes on line. I'm going to buy a pair of bates combat boots to wear to the grocery store.

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Rothco Combat Boots


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Left over steak, my last two eggs and some hash browns I found at the bottom of the freezer.

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I want to feel bad for this kid too, but fuck he put out a lit cigarette on someone's car seat? Steal my car and do drugs in it, fine, no problem. But why start to destroy the car you're sitting in?


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It's funny to imagine those two guys, who are on completely opposite sides of the social spectrum hanging out.

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Just remembered today that Dane Cook was the first person to coin the word "Karen"

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Thanks for posting this. I've started taking the lane here in Chicago because too many drivers pass very dangerously. It's funny, because even when people are forced to be in the opposite lane a small minority will still pass as close as possible to let you know how angry they are.


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They, did. I had an amazing delivery. I was there 2 minutes before the order arrived, got it as soon as it was bagged, went underneath Michigan Ave on Lower Michigan, made the illegal right onto lower Wacker and came out on Garland like Lt Gordon and the Joker. Directly across from Garland is an alley that leads to Randolph, where I turned left and dropped on the food on the sixth floor.

Basically, an order they were expecting to wait a long time for came very quickly. Not just because I was there when it was made, but because on a bicycle you can avoid a myriad of lights and traffic by using the lower streets to circumvent the city.

I did good, and got paid off.

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If you woke up like Neo in the Matrix without ever having used your body, would you be able to speak? Walk? Or even use your eyes? Would you be able to learn these things eventually?



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"I ordered chicken wings an hour ago!"


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Especially since a billion people rely on water from the Tibetan River valley and the Chinese can turn off their water flow with the flip of a switch.


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China? You mean North Taiwan?


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How does Sal and the Talent Show not make the list?


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As long as a report was taken where the driver admits fault the girl will be fine. Also, if the driver was working for Uber during the time of the incident, most likely she will be dealing with Uber who are going to settle for a pretty big sum probably.


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Whatever happens in the court is up to a judge. In the court of public opinion I think this girl should be absolved of any malice or hate.

I feel like she was totally vindicated. Not for rear ending that guy, but for doing it accidentally in the heat of the moment.


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Honestly, no. Her vision was obscured by the other cars. Being a Lambo, it's extremely low to the ground. Having just sideswiped someone and nearly hitting a cyclist to make a light before running someone's public image through the mud I think makes for a very one sided sucking.

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Celery, Cucumber, Pineapple & Grapefruit Juice

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1- 1/2 - 3/4 lbs of carrots

One large cucumber

One container of fresh chopped honeydew melon

Two oranges


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So let me understand, a police can kill an unarmed POC and face no consequences. In fact the entire Police Union will run to their aid and protect them.

But you'll be fired for having consensual sex in a parking lot?

Fuck the LAPD.


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It's very tasty.


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Good job OP! Downvoted you for negligently being from Dallas, Texas.

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Carrot, Cucumber, Honeydew Melon & Orange Juice

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People who are refusing the vaccine are prolonging the pandemic. I'd really like to be able to go to a gym or movie theater without having to wear a face mask. Study's show that vaccinated people are muchess likely to transmit Covid, or wind up in the hospital because of it. Not to mention we would slow down any new variants from mutating.

No one is making these mandates in any meaningful way is what you fail to realize. Don't want to vaccinate your kid or make them wear a mask? You can home school them. You can send them to a private institution that has no such mandates. Shit, you can send them to a private institution that will also teach them about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ along with regular school work.

If people want to use government services or the services of private institutions, you have to follow that institutions guidelines. There is nothing new about this. All that's going on is you're taking a global pandemic that's effecting millions of people all over the world and making it about YOU.