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ROOT 47% short interest 19k share yolo YOLO

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u/[deleted] Oct 19 '21

Funny how everyone complains that this is a bad company being shorted for good reason. Before Chewy got involved, GameStop was trash and on its way out too. I'm not saying they're the same but it really doesn't matter how a company is doing. If Hedge funds want it dead it will die unless a larger group of people decide to save it. Root is not being saved because WSB doesn't care about it like it did GME.


u/WSBisFum 🦍 Oct 19 '21

I though GameStop and AMC were shit stocks when I bought them too lol.


u/[deleted] Oct 19 '21

Assuming Carvana beats earnings, which it looks like it will; ROOT will get a healthy bump along with it.