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Rant I found out that my 10 year old brother is homophobic today!!!


He was riding in the car with me and said something was "gay" and made a barfing noise. And ofc I was like "why are you doing that?" And he basically says that it's "gross and unnatural and goes against god". I ask him why he said that and he says thats what the bible says. Go figure. Anyways fuck my abusive parents for being super religious assholes and teaching us this shit. I just hope my family never finds out I'm bi.

Edit: why did a rant I posted at 3am about feeling invalidated blow up lmaooo. Anyways yeah I don't blame my brother at all, and if anything I'm mad at my parents for teaching us hateful nonsense. The conversation we had was him specifically talking about some of his classmates so I just freaked out a bit thinking he may have turned into a bully or something. Also for anyone unironically saying that my brother is "based" for saying that, go fuck yourself.

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Rant the people at my school are so fucking disgusting


i have a nonbinary friend, and they changed their name a few years ago, in 2020 or earlier, not sure. I never really asked. Almost everyone at my school only refer to them by their deadname, and scream their deadname whenever they walk past. When confronted about it, the people say “Well, it’s his real name, he just doesn’t want to accept it.” which is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. There are a lot of things wrong with that. I hate to think of what those people do when they find out they’re bi.

I know this isn’t the greatest place to talk about this, with the split community, but I just wanted to get this off my chest somehow.

Edit: I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this post to get so huge, I expected it to drown in new and i honestly kind of wanted that, but the one post that i want to drown in new is the one post that doesn’t, ffs

Edit 2: I will stop responding to most comments now. If you’re confused and need an explanation I will gladly help, but I won’t be responding to random comments anymore. It’s messing with my brain

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Rant some online LGBT spaces are deadass getting out of hand


Cishets aren't "boring" shut up about that, the joke's getting stale.

Also when you're part of the LGBT, you're usually in an all or nothing situation, you have to support everything or else you're gonna get bashed and hated by a lot of people.

And don't get me started on the tucute situation.

And those xenogender users who infantilise neurodivergency, saying that having autism or ADHD impairs your perception of gender like motherfucker me and A LOT of other ND people can understand gender. They deadass identify as froggender simply because "their gender feels a connection to frogs" then proceed to tell people that it means they just like frogs.

In most cases, at least some degree of dysphoria is needed to be trans, but if you know in yourself that you'll be happier as the other gender, despite feeling somewhat comfortable with your current gender, then you do you I guess.

Also in my opinion bisexual and pansexual are different terms for what is mostly the same thing, but it's all up to your personal preference, as long as your definition of pan isn't "bi but with trans people", I'm chill.

Also... Ace people, they exist.


Cishet jokes are boring.

Xenogenders cringe.

You need at least some level of dysphoria to be trans.

Bi ≈ Pan but it's all down to preferred labels and I'm chill with that.

Reference for my "transphobic" opinions:


PS: please be civil in the comments pls 👁️ _ 👁️

Update: A kind person has explained to me how pan and bi work, and I am now okay with some of the definitions of pansexual.

Update 2: Electric Boogaloo: More people teaching me new things ✨

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Rant I wish I was joking

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Rant oh lord I'm so disgustingly cringe 💀


Couldn't sleep last night and unironically sent him a audio of me saying "hey ik ur sleeping, but I can't, just want to say i love you"

I'm cringed so hard when I listened to that audio in the morning like wtff 😭

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Rant Can we like not with the absurdity of neo pronouns?


Like fr I understand wanting to be called something but like it's getting ridiculous at this point like sorry I didnt call you by the 67th spell incarnation of the forbidden ancient script from the Egyptian gods like I swear I could literally make a movie about magic and spells and stuff and I could most likely put 10 neo pronouns linked and say that's a spell and I bet most people would believe it

Edit: to clarify, I do not hate neo pronouns nor do I believe that they shouldnt exist, however the amount of neo pronouns that exist is absurd

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Rant Stop faking adhd and other disorders


I see so many people on TikTok and in real life faking adhd. Just because you can’t focus and fidget doesn’t mean you have it. When you post on TikTok saying those things and not actually knowing your spreading misinformation.

It’s not cool and your invalidating other’s experiences. People now have a twisted view of the real struggles

ADHD is branded as a the quirky no focus disorder when it’s much more

People use anything to be different and it hurts the people who actually suffer.

It’s ok to be nuerotypical cis and straight and it’s ok not to be.

It took 3 years for me to get diagnosed and When seeing my physician she told me that every kid thinks they have it and so my concerns weren’t taken seriously (until I saw a physiologist)

Not to mention now people act like adhd is stuff it’s not. I’m not stupid and I’m not crazy different because I have ADHD I’m just a normal person.

Diagnosis is expensive but don’t pretend you have it when only you and the internet have said that. Because you may be spreading lies and misinformation and make it harder for people with this stuff.

Tltr stop faking adhd please

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Rant Kids shouldn't be allowed to social media


Why? Cause I don't want to see fucking 12 years old twerking outside in public, or 11 years old saying cringey ass shit from TikTok

Edit: Kids = 12 years old and below Teenagers = 13 -19

Edit: Yeah I know teenagers are still technically considered "Kids" but when I say kids, I mean 12 years old and below. And also I'm not 13 this year lmao, I wish I was 13 years old 😩 Being young is great

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Rant my crush sits next to me in band and he complained that his lips hurt and i almost said i could kiss them better


i was ALMOST smooth as hell… ALMOST

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Rant I hate mfs who just say "Ok" who relates


Pls say something else of substances instead bro or if u have nothing to say then just dont

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Rant "Wow your're a pansexual?? then do you fuck pans 😂😂😂♻️♻️♻️"


ahabahbahabahahahaubahauabwhahhah gut buster knee slapper! joke is even funnier the billionth time people say it! this one joke never fails to fail to make me laugh! bwahaha! 😐

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Rant what do you wish that you could do without any consequences


Ehh dont be like i wish i could fuck her or i get money tell me something new and weird

I wish i could shout at everyone everywhere

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Rant i’m tired of “body inclusiveness”


obesity is a growing worry in our country, and trying to make plus size clothes, or making things “plus size friendly” isn’t helping any of that. If we are at the point where we need to make everything “plus size” then that means we aren’t even at the peak of obesity in our country. i worry for the weight of our country in the future due to this new ideology spread through media. being overweight is nothing to be praised. please stop making being overweight common before it’s too late.

edit: before y’all start debating back i would like to summarize the post for those too lazy to read. advertising and posting about a obese or “plus size” lifestyle does not to any good to anybody. those who try to make their obese lifestyle common are not healthy whatsoever

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Rant Why is this subreddit just horny people and sex stories



Edit: i have come to a conclusion that the alien are makeing us horni

Edit:ok guys i get it please stop commenting STOP IT NOW

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Edit: I don't slander Minecraft, I love the game so to all who think I am trash talking Minecraft I'm not

Edit 2: You're

Edit 3: according to u/tecnoboat it's "your". Sooo yeah

Edit 4: according to u/Didabeast it's you're...

Edit 5: u/CumBlasterUwU said it's you're.

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Rant how do i look

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Rant Did a blood type test in biology class today, I found out I’m O-, which means I’m fucked if I ever get in an accident

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Rant stop calling me “shawty” I KNOW IM SHORT I WANNA BE TALLER SMH


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Rant My sister did this to me today after she yelled for 15 seconds because i asked her to stop singing so loudly. She is 25. I am 15

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Rant Bruh why is my teacher texting me tryna make casual conversation 😭


I'm too socially awkward for this

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Rant I dislike you all.


That's all. Enjoy your day :)

Edit: This was all a plan to bait you into commenting so I could compliment you :)

However, I have college soon. Could someone take over please?

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Rant A BTS Fan tried to break my fingers after I told him BTS Stands for Bangladeshi Toilet Services


Sooo I was chilling with my friends beside the road when a not-so-close friend of mine came. He was a BTS fan and wore a badge saying BTS. I asked "Why are you wearing a badge of Bangladeshi Toilet Services?" Immediately he held my four fingers of right arm, pushed me into the wall and turned the fingers backwards with all his force. I kicked him after ten or so seconds and then he released my fingers. luckily it was nothing serious but my hand was numb for five-ish minutes and it fucking hurts.

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Rant bruh my pizza got no cuts, it just one large round no slices

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She asks me to help her collect $100 to buy a new watch. I gave her all my savings, my $30, AND SHE SPENDS THEM ON MARKERS WANTING ME TO GIVE HER MORE. She promised to help me buy my watch, wich is a bit more expensive (i know she wont help) and she has the balls to say: "You bever gave me a single cent, and expect me to give you money? You only think about yourself. You are the biggest dick to ever exist, and i hope you die a painful death." And that she won't give me back my money because i gave it to her, wich means she doesn't want to give them back to me. I just burned my $30 and made someone angry because of it.