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Hey everyone, come apply to become a moderator!

Once again, we're opening up moderator applications. No previous experience is required. We'll provide all the necessary training you'll ever need. If you're an active member with a passion for this community, I strongly recommend applying!

Being a moderator isn't just about banning people - it's also about working as a team, having fun, and shaping the community into something better. If you're interested, please apply!

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a teenager (age 13-19)
  • Must be in good standing (no recent serious issues with the mod team).
  • Must speak and write English fluently.
  • Must be willing to actively use Discord (join us at https://discord.gg/teenagers !) as a means of official communication with the teams.
  • Must be a member of the community for 60 days or more (the subreddit for Reddit applicants, the server for Discord applicants).

Bonus points:

  • Asia/EU timezone
  • Knowledge of graphic design in marketing

Reddit application: https://forms.gle/bkgRVjuKGRVvjxoBA

Discord application: https://forms.gle/kFnbzhTrzt86brGv6

There are more important details listed on the application itself, and you should find all information you need on the forms. Applications will close November 28th, 2021 at 23:59 GMT OR forms will individually close once caps are hit. We ask you to set aside 20-30 mins to write detailed answers and to not delay sending one in. Unfortunately, if you cannot apply due to the cap being hit or the deadline passed, we are unable to take the entry.

We can't wait to read your applications!

- r/teenagers mods <3

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Meme Guys i am addicted


I can't not say lmao after most of my sentences i think people are starting to notice 😔😔😔😔😔

Ps. Lmao

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Social my bully spit on my face today so i grabbed his shoulders and kicked his balls so hard, he almost immediately puked. i got suspended but i got tried of being picked on. my dad was proud and brought me ice cream✌


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Discussion There’s a blue haired girl in my school who randomly pats my head and calls me Good boy


I hope she doesnt stop, she has no idea how happy it makes me

(She’s Aromantic and Asexual though so I dont have a chance with her 😔, but hey atleast I ahve a cool friend now)

Edit: I forgot to say she also boops my nose when she can

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Other Giving out free headpats to the boys in this comment section


Screw it, girls too, cmon now

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Discussion Your gender is magically switched for exactly one week, what do you do?


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Discussion What’s your crush’s/gf/bf’s name


Yeah my crush starts with a E

Edit:there’s 300 comments 😩 don’t blow this up if my crush has Reddit I’m done for

Edit:too many comments and my fingers (my thumbs)are dying but I’ll try to respond to all of you guys before I go off to bed

Edit:I told you guys to not blow it up what if my crush does have Reddit 😩

I am currently planning to stay up till 4 am trying to reply to every single one of these

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Other 1 upv0tes and i delete this account


trying to cut reddit out of my life

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Other I don’t have any emotional issues, am wildly attractive, and am in a healthy relationship


I wanna see how controversial this’ll get

Edit: I didn’t think I’ll be giving this much life advice god damn

Edit 2: jfc why did this blow up of all reasons, it seems a lot of you resorted to insulting me or something but I really couldn’t care less because some people appreciated my advice; the point of this post was never bragging I know the classic reddit response to “I’m hot”, I didn’t expect some sort of complement parade, this was meant as a direct parody of the “I’m so ugly and will never get a gf” stereotype that I’ve been seeing posted literally daily since I was 16 on this sub, it wasn’t originally some sort of prophetic finding but a shitpost to contrast all the self deprecation I’ve been seeing, and I expected some people to genuinely not like themselves and I did my best to reply to every single comment and try to help in any way I can until it got to hot. I’m not your enemy, and it’s okay to like yourself and how you look and how you act, normalize self love ffs you don’t have to act butthurt every time a random person likes their own looks (even though I’m not a 10 in your book I’m a 9 in mine and that’s all that ever matters). Peace.

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Other Straight peeps I have a question


If one of your close friends (same gender) told you they had a crush on you what would you do? (Be serious I’m curious)

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Other My crush blew me a kiss, I did one back AND SHE CAUGHT IT AND PUT IT ON HER HEART ❤



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Discussion So you sleep with your door opened or closed?


So I was laying in bed a few minutes ago, trying to sleep and then it popped into my head that not everyone sleeps with their door open. I don’t know how many people sleep with their door open but I know that at least a good amount of people sleep with their door closed. And since I couldn’t sleep I am now asking, what is the status of your door upon its hinge journey whilst you dream?

Edit: Going to pass out now (trying with my door closed for the first time), I’ll reply to as many comments as I can in the morning. See y’all then.

Edit 2: What the heck happened here?

Final Edit: Gonna make a useful edit and throw in a summary of what’s been going on in the comments for everyone who’d like a basic explanation. It’s been found that closing your door is a lot more common, and more than that, it protects you from fires (seen here ) and most people keep their door closed for either that reason or to keep their privacy or darkness. Finally, some folks are going through harsh families and don’t even have doors to close. The main consensus appears to be that it’s safer to have a closed door while you sleep, and the door protects you not only from Patrick Star but also from fire.

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Discussion I am not your friend


I do not know you. Also, I do not like you very much.

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Other So I’m in a wheelchair right, and I was at the store with my aunt and mom


I was smiling because I remembered a funny story and was gonna tell my aunt, then she turned to me and went

“Why are you smiling? Are you thinking about when you could walk”

Her humor is dark and I love it

She’s cool, I like her

Edit: it was a joke, 100% satire, my aunt and I have the same sense of humor and these jokes are aimed just towards me not others. Please stop taking offense to it.

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Social I'm legally allowed to buy alcohol now


10 updotes and I'll get shitfaced tomorrow with my friends probaly

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Other What's something that's sexualized but really shouldn't be ?


lets start with the most obvious ones: Women , children , lgbtq people

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Other Not depressed gang💪💪


anybody happy

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Other Can we all take a moment and agree that Up and WALL-E are masterpieces?


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Social *Strokes your hair*


It's gonna be alright :3 Hugs

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Rant If you vape and hang out in the school bathrooms, I'm sorry but fuck you