r/popheads Jan 23 '22

What's that one song/album from your favourite artist that you have a hard time defending because it's honestly so bad? [DISCUSSION]

For me it's The Cure by LG.

Feels like some generic "sad background tune" for some shitty TikTok video. It's so bland and boring I can hardly remember what it sounds like and I literally just listened to it.


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u/HotelTrivagoMate Jan 23 '22

As a mixer I don’t relate


u/A-Devoted-Enthusiast Jan 23 '22

Even "You Gotta Not"?


u/HotelTrivagoMate Jan 23 '22

Please that song is my jam

Also I can remember what I sounds like and It was the first song off of Glory Days I heard


u/vivianlight Jan 23 '22

I think the song if you don't know the lyrics/meaning is actually really fun and with a good rhythm and vocals tbh. I guess I am happy (just sometimes) not to have English as a first language so I can switch off my comprehension skills and enjoy songs with cringe/bad lyrics.


u/2062373 Jan 23 '22

You Gotta Not says hello.


u/HotelTrivagoMate Jan 23 '22

Damn I love how everyone latches onto that and not oops (I love both songs btw)


u/ChickyDipper Jan 23 '22

I like Oops! You Gotta Not should absolutely have been left in the studio recycling bin though


u/AllTheThingsSheSays Jan 23 '22

Beep Beep?


u/Heepeople Jan 23 '22

Beep beep is honestly so over the top that I kinda don’t hate it 😭😭😭 “you gotta not” on the other hand…