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Now that’s sportsmanship right there.


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u/WeebMaster09 Oct 14 '21

Sports done right.


u/Cod_rules Oct 14 '21

I think most sportspeople have this in them though. There's obviously a lot of dicks out there, but elite sportspeople understand what it takes and are able to appreciate this stuff even better than viewers.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and I have too much faith in people being nice.


u/SatiricalSmellyFarts Oct 14 '21

It's a complicated mess of stereotypes and emotions. The quote from Gladiator comes to mind: "Are you not entertained?" That's why you see old videos of WWF wrestlers shit talking (respectfully) other wrestlers behind the scenes. It wouldn't surprise me if most martial artists and wrestlers let that go to their head. After a round gets called, clapping back invokes a larger reaction than both fighters going to their corner.

I think that's why this is so refreshing. In a sport where the crowds want to live vicariously through their aggressive fighter, to see them both high-five each other when they both pull off a sick move, that's practically unheard of and therefor pretty fucking cool.


u/Special_KC Oct 14 '21

And just to think that the most popular sport in the world (football/soccer) where all you have to do is put a ball through a goalpost has players cheating, trying to con the referees and gamesmanship tactics that are disloyal to the spirit of the game.

Then in a game where the actual goal is to knock your opponent out, you see sportsmanship like this.

What gives?


u/realbeats Oct 14 '21

Not just sports. Gifs and slow mo. Full speed first, then slow mo. Op you could teach alot of people round here a lesson with this one, bravo.