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Weekly Add-ons Weekly Add-on appreciation / "Is there an add-on for that?" post for 2022-05-18


What are your favorite add-ons and why? What themes are you using? Any useful extensions?

Add-ons can include unsupported things like CSS themes, and even WebExtensions Experiments.

If you are looking for a way to power-up Firefox, this is a place to ask.

Remember to check out our list of recommended add-ons!

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Nightly Weekly Discussion for Nightly builds for 2022-05-21 - 2022-05-27


Please use this thread to discuss the latest nightly builds.

If you aren't already using Firefox Nightly, you should join us on the wild side. We get the newest features first, and developers generally listen when we give feedback (since they are generally still working on the features, instead of hearing about it months later once it hits stable).

Nightly is an unstable testing and development platform (per Mozilla). Please have a backup strategy for your Firefox profile.

Download Firefox Nightly!

Don't reuse your old profile folder - Firefox Nightly uses different profiles than stable or beta by default, so you can run Nightly and other versions concurrently. You can use Firefox Sync to keep your settings in sync across release channels.

Things to try out in Nightly

Please do not edit about:config unless you are willing to deal with bugs. Please do not post about issues to Mozilla Support; If you have issues, report them to Bugzilla instead.

Elastic Overscroll

You can try out elastic overscroll on desktop (also known as rubber band scrolling) by setting apz.overscroll.enabled to true.

Report bugs blocking the overscroll bug under Core : Panning and Zooming

Native context menus in GTK

You can try out native context menus (also known right click menus) by setting widget.gtk.native-context-menus to true.

Report bugs blocking bug 1757402.

Join our Matrix r/firefox chat room and the Mozilla Nightly one as well!

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Solved Android Firefox "add to home screen" keeps opening a new tab.


I have the YouTube homepage added as a Firefox shortcut to my home screen. I'm using Firefox Nightly and was wondering if there was a setting to stop Firefox from opening a new tab every time I click on the home screen shortcut.

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Issue Filed on Bugzilla FF100 has made tab text black on black. It's the same for all themes.

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Add-ons What addons do I need?


What addons are a must for privacy? (other than UBO, obvio) Here are some that I have considered:

  1. Temporary Containers
  2. Google Container
  3. Don't track me google
  4. Multi account containers
  5. Decentraleyes

I know having too many extensions isn't good, but I don't know which ones to have

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Discussion new total cookie protection

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Discussion CPU usage on Imgur using 32-Bit version of Firefox. Firefox 100.0.2


32-Bit vs 64-Bit Firefox. Is there that big of a performance difference for media between the two in terms of CPU usage? Or is this a bug in Firefox? Searching, all I could find about the differences were the RAM usage differences. Nothing about CPU usage diffs. So don't flame me for posting about this. This isn't really a help post so I made it a discussion instead.

Recently I had reinstalled Firefox on my newly installed SSD + Windows reinstall. While browsing Imgur a couple days later, my laptop was getting EXTREMELY HOT. I checked temps and they were sitting over 84C. Task Manager showed Firefox was constantly using anywhere between 30% - 100% CPU. I cleared cache out and restarted. Went back to Imgur and it was back to excessively high CPU usage. Many peaks at 100%. I know Imgur is media heavy, but I never had this problem on my old Firefox install.

Come to find out the installer gave me a 32-Bit version of Firefox. So I decided to reinstall with the 64-Bit version. I go to Imgur, I couldn't even get the CPU usage peaks to go over 45% on the same exact pages. And laptop stayed very cool (around 51C - 54C).

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πŸ’» Help How do I turn off this option?

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πŸ’» Help Firefox website issue - SSL_ERROR_BAD_MAC_READ

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I've tried to search for resolution to this error but not seeing anything. In Firefox, a work website I need to get to in Firefox yields the SSL_ERROR_BAD_MAC_READ error. I can't seem to find a solution. Anyone know how to get past this error. The web site works with Edge so it is definitely a Firefox specific issue. Any recommended troubleshooting would be appreciated.

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Discussion Tree Style Tabs not built in yet?

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Anyone else really want tree style tabs built into Firefox? The permissions are insane and Edge has it wish Firefox would keep up with the times... Also with Firefox being Firefox some users are here to stay being privacy focused it's such a catch 22... Anyone know of any-work around to these permissions?

This add-on needs to:

  • Display notifications to you
  • Access recently closed tabs
  • Access browser tabs

This add-on may also ask to:

  • Read and modify bookmarks
  • Hide and show browser tabs
  • Access your data for all websites

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πŸ’» Help scroll bar keeps hiding


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Discussion Why doesn't Firefox add a feature to translate web pages?


I know there are cool extensions like "Translate Web Pages" but don't you think this feature should be a basic thing added by default in browsers?

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Help (Android) Firefox android showing white bar when opening sites added to home


Sorry if this has been answered before but whenever opening sites like twitter after adding to home screen it shows a white bar on the status bar. I tried this with chromium browsers and it works without the white bar. How to fix this?

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πŸ’» Help I really thought this was a Steam issue... just started happening over a week ago on Video Backgrounds

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πŸ’» Help Firefox on Mac: a way to add my custom dictionary to Firefox's dictionary?


(On Mac M1 using Firefox 100.0.2 (64-bit) - I'm trying to switch from Safari to Firefox and I need to add my custom dictionary to Firefox's dictionary.

(see attached screen shot) I have all my custom words in a .txt file, but when I go to the "Install Add-on From File..." feature, it says the .txt file is corrupted. Is there a certain format that a custom dictionary needs to be in? Alternatively, where is the location of the existing Firefox English dictionary on a Mac, and is it possible to copy/paste words into that file?

Thanks for any newbie help in switching to Firefox.


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Discussion Is Firefox on Linux faster than on Windows?


Firefox is the pre-installed browser on Linux Mint, which I recently installed.

I've always been a Firefox user but noticed that Chrome seemed to be a lot faster. Now, on Linux those performance issues seem to be gone. Does it really have something to do with the OS or was it most likely just an issue with my PC?

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Solved Firefox Dev Edition as secondary browser


Is it ok to use the developer edition as a secondary browser?

I'm a Linux Mint user that wants to use 2 separate browsers for work and play. I am currently using two different users, but I find this a bit of a pain switching all the time. I've tried a few forks of Firefox, like Libre Wolf for example, but have experienced broken websites and performance issues.

I've installed the debe v edition using this guide https://tecadmin.net/install-firefox-developer-edition-on-ubuntu/

Would the update process be similar to installation?

Is this a silly idea?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Help (Android) Why does the image link appear only for me in the title?

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Discussion Firefox 100.0.2 released, only security fix


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Solved How to get rid of this password protection add-on?

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Solved Video And Audio Lag Issue


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Solved Thin scrollbar workaround?


Does anybody know how to widen the scrollbars? I've noticed that Firefox has started to use thin scrollbars, which, while nice looking, make it harder for the mouse to actually find and hit the scrollbar

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Help (Android) Firefox beta android update clears cookies?


I use a bunch of websites on ff beta android. I just updated the ff beta android and lost all of my logins. Now I've gotta sign in to all those websites again.

Is this expected behavior? Or is something wonky with my case?

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Add-ons IMDb movies user script - Was about that old in that movie


A userscript that works on IMDb movies pages, hovering actors avatars would show how old they were when that movie was released.

Github, Greasy Fork


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Mozilla blog These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 115 – Firefox Nightly News

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Fun Firefox ESR 91.9.1 released.

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Help (iOS) Anyone else have an annoying blue dot at top left of screen while in Firefox (iOS)?


I’d post a screen record but hopefully this can be discussed without it.

If you click on the address bar, as the screen changes to focus on that, the dot goes away. Once focused, it appears again. Present during all other times (besides tabs view).

Actually just realized it goes away in the same fashion with the keyboard appearing and minimizing. It’s really bothering me! Lol