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Found! A sub specifically for cats who drool when they're happy


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Found! Where to post question about how to be a better friend


Well basically my friends back in Secondary/Sixth Form were all guys and we didn't really celebrate our birthdays together or anything. So I'm not really used to making birthday gifts or anything.

Anyway now at uni I'm friends with a bunch of girls (I'm the only guy in their friend group of 7) and yesterday was one of their birthdays. She invited us to go out to eat somewhere and so we all went, but i didn't get her a present or card or anything and the others all did. They even got me presents cos my birthday was 5 days ago (I didn't do anything for my birthday btw). And the friend whose birthday it was even paid for everyone's food.

So I feel kinda guilty of not making an effort. So I'm trynna make an effort now. So I'm gonna try to find her a good gift. Tho I have no idea what to get her.

Actually I've kinda forgotten what my actual question was. Tho any advice would be appreciated.

I was thinking I could try r/ask but last time I asked a question there i got no replies and just got 1 downvote. I know r/aita exists, but I'm pretty sure i know the answer anyway. Maybe r/explainlikeimfive ?

So do you know what sub would be best for this question?


Fyi: I'm probably about as socially intelligent as a 12 year old. With minimal communication skills. So I'd need a more specific answer.

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Waiting on OP A Sub for finding courses on lots of things


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A reddit where people post 1920’s - 1960’s aesthetic.


Pictures, ads, old radio clips, all things of that nature.

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Found! What are your most favourite reddits?


I'm looking for some additions to my feed. I don't want anything particular, just tell me what kind of reddits you're browsing!

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A subreddit for people with medicine resistant mental illnesses.


I'm in a tough place right now and am hoping to find a group of people online who have medicine resistant mental disorders. Specifically depression and OCD or other anxiety disorders.

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Russian propaganda subreddit?


I would love to see translated clips from russian tv where they brainwash people into believing Ukrainians are nazis, that there is no war, or how they spin their failures during the invasion.

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Found! a subreddit where you can share a picture of an item of clothing & someone can provide the link to purchase it


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Found! Subreddit for telling something wholesome that happened to me


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Unanswered A sub to discuss masculinity-related issues that isn’t full of insane misogynists or communists?


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Unanswered Where to ask about possible reasons for sudden allergies in a specific location in my house.


Super specific, I’m suddenly allergic to one room in my house and it’s driving me nuts.

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a subreddit for people to make mysteries and others have to solve it


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Unanswered continues loop with EA costumer support.


So, my ps account is linked to my ea account. The problem is that I didn't use that account for more then 10 years. Now I can't access that account, nor can i delete it, or have it disconnect from my ps account. The email provider merged into another company, so getting acces to that email is impossible. To verify your identity you need 10 year old phonenumbers, adresses and the last date when there was activity on my ea account and the credit card linked to that account. These question continue in a everlasting loop. If one of the answers is wrong, the friendly employee of the customer support say that they can't help you, because of rules.

Guess I won't be able to enjoy maximum content in ea games, ever anymore. But I'm hoping somebody will know a workaround.

Edit: costumer to customer.

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Found! Is there a subreddit for trying to find the right word?


So I'm looking for a word the means a ten thousand year period. I can't seem to find anything on Google so I'm looking for a sub with some keen linguists.

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Unanswered A sub for wheelchair users?


I am disabled and sometimes use a wheelchair, but very specifically my wheelchair is kind of becoming my gym too, as I can't run any more, but very specifically I've noticed I've been wearing through my gloves and wanted to find some recommendations.

Is there a sub for wheelchair users, perhaps that lean towards physical activity in wheelchairs?

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Is there a subreddit for people who believe in God, but don't necessarily believe that the Bible, or Muhammad, or Jesus is the only way or totally right?


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Subreddit for helping me find a shirt from a video?


A guy in a YouTube video is wearing a cool shirt that I'm having trouble tracking down.

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Opposite of Asmr, Subreddits for posting Unpleasant to hear Audios or Videos.


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Looking for a sub which has animations of common processes and procedures


Hey y’all, is there a sub which provides useful information about common things like for example, pregnancy? I find animated videos easy to understand.

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What food dish is in the bottom left? The other one is 100% labneh. Thank you kindly.


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A sub where free photoshop requests are taken care of.


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Unanswered a subreddit to find playlists that fit a situation


Like one of those "pov: you're..." type of subreddits

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Unanswered I’ve got a subreddit for people that want to share memes, posts, stories about them getting played



Just created it, feel free to post

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Unanswered Sub for shipping help?


Shipping between Europe and the US is stupid expensive, so if possible I'd like to arrange with someone traveling to the US from where the thing I'm buying is to have it shipped to them for cheap, then take it with them to the US and send it to me domestically.

I hope this makes sense.