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There are only 2 genders

Something the Trans* community will never understand, because they talk with people who hold feelings over facts, and have never studied basic biology, is that there is no 74th gender or whatever bullshit. Only 2.

You see, we know this because humans study something called chromosomes, something Pseudogender people have possibly never heard of, or deny. From our scientific research, and past. births, we know that gender is only determined by chromosome. And of chromosome this we know: There are only 2, XX and XY. No exceptions. If there were more than 2 genders, people would report having things other than penises and vaginas. If the Agender bullshit was real, people would not have any ovaries, vaginas or penises. There are only 2 genders, and feelings are unimportant. I study science in science class while you are reading Books that teach you lies about gender.

Call me "transphobic" if you like, but there are only 2. Make believe Genders like "Agender", "Bigender" and such are all fake as the earth being flat, and as real as the Placebo Effect (Fake as Fuck). Please read a book on basic bioligy.

Afterwords: If you're wondering what your gender is, ask the surgeons who got you out of your mother's stomach what chromosome it was.

Remember there are only 2, no more, no less.

Get the Fuck over it.