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Daily Question Thread - January 28, 2022 Daily Question

Welcome to the Daily Question thread at /r/churning!

This is the thread to post questions about churning for miles/points/cash. Just because you have a question about credit cards does NOT mean it belongs here. If you’re brand new here, please read the wiki before posting.

* Please use the search engine first - many basic questions have been asked before.

* Please also consider scanning (CTRL-F) the last couple days worth of Question threads

* If you have questions about what card to get, ask here. If you have questions about manufactured spending, ask here.

This subreddit relies heavily on self-moderation. That means that if you ask something that shows you haven’t done any research, you’re going to get a lot of downvotes.


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u/Eurynom0s LAX Jan 29 '22

Ah I'm looking at a card I'd just want to cancel at the end of the 12 months, so no issues getting refunded for the AF after it posts addresses my concern.