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Daily Question Thread - January 28, 2022 Daily Question

Welcome to the Daily Question thread at /r/churning!

This is the thread to post questions about churning for miles/points/cash. Just because you have a question about credit cards does NOT mean it belongs here. If you’re brand new here, please read the wiki before posting.

* Please use the search engine first - many basic questions have been asked before.

* Please also consider scanning (CTRL-F) the last couple days worth of Question threads

* If you have questions about what card to get, ask here. If you have questions about manufactured spending, ask here.

This subreddit relies heavily on self-moderation. That means that if you ask something that shows you haven’t done any research, you’re going to get a lot of downvotes.


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u/Eurynom0s LAX Jan 28 '22

Why OG instead of CFF?


u/garettg SEA, PAE Jan 28 '22

Leaves open the possibility of getting the CFF SUB (for those that find value if there is the 5x on grocery for first year up to $12k). Also for those that might value the wholesale bonus quarter at Costco for ease of use.