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u/Eurynom0s LAX Jan 28 '22

I know from seeing other people post about it that Capital One does not refund annual fees at all once the AF posts, not even if you cancel within 30 days of it posting, so when exactly are you supposed to cancel a Capital One card? Do they just not care if you cancel within the first 12 months even when you got a SUB?


u/camaro2ss Jan 28 '22

Capital One does not refund annual fees at all once the AF posts

Are you talking biz or personal cards? They refund my biz card annual fees almost every time after it posts.


u/Eurynom0s LAX Jan 29 '22


almost every time

"Almost" every time?


u/camaro2ss Jan 29 '22

They've refunded it for me every time I've asked (5) except one, so almost every time.


u/TNSepta JFK Jan 28 '22

not even if you cancel within 30 days of it posting

Pretty sure they do refund if you cancel, but not if you PC.

And yes, multiple DPs of PC before 12 months with no issue.


u/Eurynom0s LAX Jan 29 '22

Ah I'm looking at a card I'd just want to cancel at the end of the 12 months, so no issues getting refunded for the AF after it posts addresses my concern.


u/ncdad1719 Jan 28 '22

I think you’re thinking of product change. They will refund with closure within 30 days.