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Weekly Off Topic Thread - Week of October 25, 2021 Anything Goes

This is the Weekly Off-Topic thread

There's more to this hobby than just credit cards - it spreads out into travel aspirations, what luggage or wallet you're using, or what flavor kombucha your local WeWork is serving. Please use this thread to talk about all things even tangentially related to churning. Memes, jokes, and off-topic content are allowed (and encouraged) here. Please use our regular threads to ask basic questions, ask questions about what card to get, or talk about MS. But if it's off-topic elsewhere, you're on-topic here.

Regular rules still apply.

Have fun!

Note: Posting and soliciting referrals are still not allowed.


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u/Eurynom0s LAX Oct 26 '21

It says you may receive tests that expire December 21. I guess I'll have to save that link for after they clear out the inventory at the end of December/start of January. I'm planning to go to Vancouver end of January and briefly poking around it seems like the options for travel testing in British Columbia are outrageously expensive, and don't want to roll the dice on how strict the government-run places there will be about 1) letting an American in and 2) enforcing the "traveling is not a covered reason to get a government-provided test" rule they apparently have.