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Serious Replies from Boys Only Do guys get as many dms from creeps?


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Serious Replies from Boys Only Can I see your browser history?


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Serious Replies from Boys Only Do guys stress over what to wear?


I'm writing a romance story and I want a scene where the guy is going over to the girl's house for the first time. It's not an actual date I do want some romantic tension. So if you were going to your cute classmates house for the first time would you worry about what you wear?

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Fitness?


How do y’all keep fit? I’m skinny fat and want to get some chest muscle/abs built. What do y’all suggest?

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Serious Replies from Boys Only does anyone else dislike soccer?


Like seriously,almost every guy in my class plays soccer or likes soccer in some way,only like 2 or 3 srudents including me dont like it.I only like some sports,like tennis or boxing but i would never play soccer basketball or baseball,it seems so boring to me.Am i crazy lol?

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Does anyone else feel like they depend on a relationship to be truly happy?


For me, I’m constantly looking for someone, or at least hoping someone is looking for me. I have such a strong desire to treat someone really well, take them on dates, give them hugs and cuddles, protect them, have good communication, etc, all of that stuff and more. But I also feel such a desire to get the same back. I guess I just want to feel loved and appreciated, by other people then my friends and family. Without it, I just don’t feel right, I just don’t feel very happy at all. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Serious Replies from Boys Only how do you feel about the word slay?


Title. People usually say SLAYYY tho.

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Fellas, Ewan McGregor or Ryan Reynolds?


Proving a point

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Do guys like direct girls?


I feel like there is a lot of stigma around “the guy needs to go after/notice/chase/ask the girl first. Is this true??? For example, I just met someone through a mutual friend who I like. Is it better to be direct and just ask them out or flirt around in circles until/if they ask first? I hate this idea but so many ppl tell me “the guy HAS to make the first move.“

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Serious Replies from Boys Only How do I get Friends that are girls?


I’m a junior in hs and I haven’t talked to girl that I was friends with since I was in elementary school. Not making excuses but the middle school I went to was small and none of the girls appealed as they would snitch on me and boys and in general weren’t appealing. 9th grade class was even smaller with a total of 25 student in the grade. And 90 percent of the girls were from my middle school. The school since closed because of lack of students, but now I go to an all boys school. Where can I meet girls and shit and like become friends with them or shit cuz this is sad. With all this attention about prom and shit going around my school I just wonder where they meet these girls and form these bonds with them. But to be fair all the fault is not on my school as I am shy, but I’m trying to improve it. As for example I have a job at a country club.

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Is it hard for you to open up to other people/friends/relatives? What's your experience?


Is it hard for you to open up to other people/friends/relatives? What's your experience?

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Serious Replies from Boys Only How could I approach him and talk to him without making the situation uncomfortable?


So i think I'm my "crush" 's crush and he is sociable with others but not with me. After thinking abt it I reach to tte conclusion that maybe he likes me (long story).

I want to talk to him for make sure he feels good and if we could be as close as we used to be.

Shy guys who are reading this, how would you like your crush to you?

PD English is not my first language

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Serious Replies from Boys Only How Do I know if a guy wants to be more than friends?


I've known this friend for awhile now, almost 4 years basically. I've had a thing for him since meeting him but never pursued anything because I planned on holding off on any relationships. As a result he dated my friend (she was brunette and average height) for a bit until (I'm not sure which one or if it was mutual) but they broke up and she cut all of her hair to a pixie cut and came out as gay/bi. Even though I stopped being friends with that girl (not for reasons of her own, we just became more and more distant) I believed that dating anyone my friends used to date was wrong and I would never betray a friend by dating their ex, so I went on still having a bit of feelings for this guy. Then he started texting me out of nowhere and he became much more flirty, calling me attractive and cute (most often cute) We stopped talking for a bit but it continued like this where it was on and off talking stages. I would often start texting him and ask how he was or something. Eventually he asked me to have lunch with just him (I wasn't sure if it mean't a date or hanging out but I didn't want to ask) I had a nice time but it was very awkward considering the rest of his family was there (which he didn't find weird and never told me about). We talked and he brought up how when he went out with the exact ex girlfriend that used to be my friend they went to a movie and it was eh/alright, don't remember the rest but that stuck with me. Then he went on to say how he used this like this other girl who was also an ex friend of mine (she had blonde hair and was tall). These conversations were very odd and since I knew all of his past girlfriends and girls he liked and there was a pattern where none of them were ethnic/not caucasian. So I was unsure if he would even want to have dated me. He then went on to ask me what I wanted from him and I was a bit shocked because he was very straightforward about it, considering I never thought he would something like this I asked him the same question (what he wanted from me). He said "well what can you offer me?" Like it was a business deal or something and it was very weird. It's been many days after this and I wanted to know what you all thought of this, please offer some advice~ much appreciation

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Do you trim your body hair?


Do you people have significant body(chest, legs) hair and do you shave/trim it?

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Any advice on befriending the shy boy?


How do I befriend this boy..

He, from what I hear, is incredibly shy. He's probably 14 since he's in my grade so idk if that helps. I may have messed up because I already said hi today and he just looked at me and then looked away, but I feel like he's lonely. Maybe I'm wrong and I should back off but I just have a feeling he needs a friend.

(I've also asked some teachers and other people for advice, but I figured asking boys would be smart. Maybe band kids in particular..? he plays saxophone.)

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Serious Replies from Boys Only I’m going to be a dad, what can I do?


Doesn’t really need much explaining, I’m 16 I honestly feel like my life’s ruined

Edit: People asking for context, New Years jeeted a yet bells me today sayin she pregnant

Edit 2: For people wondering she told me she was on the pill however she’s gone around and told her friends she wasn’t. She seems to be up for abortion as neither of us want a child at this age. It’s hurting both of us so please be aware of that before commenting stupid things (I apologise for being rude earlier been stressed out all today)

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Serious Replies from Boys Only How many of you guys are teen dads? How old are you and your kids? What changed in your lives?


Teen motherhood and pregnancy is an issue focused a lot by our media, but there is a lack of focus, in my opinion, on boys who get girls pregnant and become fathers. That is why I’m posting this. I would like to give a space for open, positive discussion to teen boys who have become or are becoming fathers. I have neither been a father nor am I planning on becoming one for awhile, yet I believe that this discussion is needed.

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Serious Replies from Boys Only What’s the hardest part about being a boy?


Saw this on r/askteengirls

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Do guys prefer virgins?


This question had never crossed my mind until tonight. I was playing Xbox with these two other teen guys and at one point they started talking about how they would only date a girl if she was a virgin otherwise it would be as if she was “used” already. I personally think this is a disgusting opinion and why should it matter if a girl is a virgin or not. But now here I am on Reddit asking if what they were saying is true irl.

Edit: thank you to everybody who gave their input

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Serious Replies from Boys Only Guys who like girls with stomachs/tummies, why? - an insecure fem with a tummy


Please don't make this into a body positive movement debate. If the question clearly doesn't apply to you, move on. And please don't ask me questions about my weight or health.

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Serious Replies from Boys Only What are your thoughts of the UPenn swimmer taking gold in the Women’s NCAA Finals?


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Serious Replies from Boys Only Who has a overprotective sister if so what does she do ?


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Serious Replies from Boys Only do dudes get boners when they poop?


just curious😶

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Serious Replies from Boys Only do boys really care about a girls body type?


do y’all really care if a girl has stomach fat, or some other flaws? the boys at my school are quite judgmental lol.

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Serious Replies from Boys Only How awkward do you get about the opposite gender in public?


and i mean like people you don't know, I'm just curious.