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Am I the only one growing up that thought wedgies would be more significant in life than they are? lmao


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Serious Replies Only What game made u sad/feel emotional?


A game that made me very Emotional was Red dead 1 and 2 ending

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Does anyone else hug a pillow for comfort or am I just weird?


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Do you squint your eyes sometimes?


I did it a lot to be able to read before i got glasses and now i sometimes do it when I forget my glasses at home, wbu?

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Serious Replies Only What are the absolute worst songs to play at a prom?


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Boys Only Cute or hot?


Whenever a guy has been interested in me he says I'm really cute, is cute better than hot? Or the other way around? Does it vary from guy to guy, or is there a general consensus? Also a few guys have told me I have a small forehead, I'm not sure why but they always say it out of context.

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Serious Replies Only what are some ways to stop recurring unwanted and (harmful at times) thoughts ?


I have had such thoughts since a long time but in recent 2 years it has gotten worse.Now I can't even watch a movie or listen to a song without thinking or reacting to them. I have tried multiple times to stop it but I fail every single time. My family has tried helping me in their ways but I don't think it helped I don't expect much from them cuz they are like any other typical brown family. I feel like giving up cuz it keeps getting worse and I feel like I've reached my breaking point. I am posting here cuz I just need some motivation to go one .Any help is appreciated :)

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For those of us that still have finals coming which one are you dreading the most?


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Serious Replies Only Can someone be cute but ugly?


I've only ever been called cute from both guys and girls, that's the only type of compliment I get. I never get anything specific about me unless I ask directly to someone what they think my best facial feature is. I don't get compliments either about anything personality based except for that I'm cute/innocent appearing or nice. Idk, would a guy say a girl is cute but not pretty? Thoughts?

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Serious Replies from Boys Only How Do I know if a guy wants to be more than friends?


I've known this friend for awhile now, almost 4 years basically. I've had a thing for him since meeting him but never pursued anything because I planned on holding off on any relationships. As a result he dated my friend (she was brunette and average height) for a bit until (I'm not sure which one or if it was mutual) but they broke up and she cut all of her hair to a pixie cut and came out as gay/bi. Even though I stopped being friends with that girl (not for reasons of her own, we just became more and more distant) I believed that dating anyone my friends used to date was wrong and I would never betray a friend by dating their ex, so I went on still having a bit of feelings for this guy. Then he started texting me out of nowhere and he became much more flirty, calling me attractive and cute (most often cute) We stopped talking for a bit but it continued like this where it was on and off talking stages. I would often start texting him and ask how he was or something. Eventually he asked me to have lunch with just him (I wasn't sure if it mean't a date or hanging out but I didn't want to ask) I had a nice time but it was very awkward considering the rest of his family was there (which he didn't find weird and never told me about). We talked and he brought up how when he went out with the exact ex girlfriend that used to be my friend they went to a movie and it was eh/alright, don't remember the rest but that stuck with me. Then he went on to say how he used this like this other girl who was also an ex friend of mine (she had blonde hair and was tall). These conversations were very odd and since I knew all of his past girlfriends and girls he liked and there was a pattern where none of them were ethnic/not caucasian. So I was unsure if he would even want to have dated me. He then went on to ask me what I wanted from him and I was a bit shocked because he was very straightforward about it, considering I never thought he would something like this I asked him the same question (what he wanted from me). He said "well what can you offer me?" Like it was a business deal or something and it was very weird. It's been many days after this and I wanted to know what you all thought of this, please offer some advice~ much appreciation

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Serious Replies Only What do I say if she asks about graduation?


I’m hanging out with a friend tomorrow and I’m homeschooled. My parents never went over how graduation is gonna work but its coming up soon. If she asks about it what do I say without sounding stupid?

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Does growing facial hair means you're done growing ? Also do you have facial hair ? if yes did you grow after you grew it ?


Just wanna hear your experiences with growth because I'm abit confused that some people grow taller but never grow beard and some people I've noticed they stopped growing once they grew their beard

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Do you ever daydream about being a superhero? If so, what's your superpower and superhero name? If you don't, then what do you daydream about?


In my daydreams, I'm a superhero named Jet, with the power to jump really high.

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Boys Only What clothes look best on girls? (In your opinion)


I’m a girl, and I love dressing very feminine most times, get all dolled up, do my hair and usually my go to thing is a pretty dress. I love the way they make me feel. And I really like how they fit me, and I just find them very beautiful. On other days though I feel like showing more skin, trying to feel myself and comfortable in my own skin, if you know what I mean, it’s not always that I wanna look ‘slutty’ it just makes me feel badass. And when I’m really lazy I just put on shorts and a Hawaiian dad shirt with like a tank top underneath. But I’ve always wondered what guys find most attractive on girls?

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Serious Replies Only favorite super/hyper car?


Love the sound and body of the Pagani Zonda

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Serious Replies Only I'm circumcised, is it worth it?


My parents decided to cut my penis at the age of 13. I've had frequent UTIs and penile-related infections in the past which caused my penis to smell like shit. After the surgery, I went through a 2-week penile wound. At night, I remembered crying because of the pain. I usually lie on my stomach when asleep and I'm wearing skirts to go to school which is embarrassing. I kid you not. I'll clean it up and change the dressing every 2 days. It healed eventually, and I've never suffered from any infections. But now, I kinda regret it and I still like the way I touch myself with a foreskin on than it is now, the skin of my balls would be stretched.

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Serious Replies Only favorite normal car?


While it's production ended awhile ago, the chevy Volt will always be a favorite

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do you like banananas?


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Do you ever feel like your parents decide your schedule?


I just got out of school, and my mom is still making me do errands for her when she’s busy and on weekends my dad is basically dragging me into helping him work on his hunting camp stuff. Then he’s already saying I need to get a job during the summer soon and my mom suggests sending me to help my grandpa. It’s like, anytime I’m not doing school stuff I’m just to be used by them. Then when I showed frustration my Dad says it’s “disrespectful to your parents who do so much for you.” He wants to instill a hard work ethic in me, and I get it cuz this world is tough to survive in, but I’m still a kid, it’s not like I’ll be doing everything well right off the bat.

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What's your most... centrist political opinion?


Centrist can mean Manny things. Either 'both sides' agree with it, 'both sides' disagree with it, you have mixed feelings, you don't care, you don't understand the issue enough, or you have a unique* view that incorporates factors from all of the above.

I guess I'll start, for as long as their is a congress congressmen should not be allowed to trade individual stocks.

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Serious Replies Only So tomorrow is my first day working as a food prep member at a country club. But I missed the preliminaries for it today because I was at a funeral and I have no idea how to cook. So what do I do when I get there tomorrow?


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Serious Replies Only Do you believe in the separation of government and religion?


For my personal opinion, I believe that they should be separate.

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Boys Only Shy guys, how would you feel if a girl you see often but never really talked to went up to you and started a conversation?


I like this guy who is quiet and always by himself and I want to talk to him during lunch or between classes but I am afraid he will think I am creepy or annoying for bothering him.

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Serious Replies Only What do I do? I can’t talk to my mom without anxiety


I’m 18 and even tho I’m technically an adult I still live with my parents. My dad is chill but my mom is insane with this stuff

Long story short. I’m hanging out with a dude from my work tomorrow and she told me “if he has drugs in his car you’ll be responsible too since you’re an adult”. Then when she saw him she asked him “how many wrecks have you been in and how many were your fault? And how long have you been driving?”

Saturday a girl from my work wants to hangout, we won’t even drive anywhere she just wants to shop around the store we work at and a few stores walking distance away and then eat somewhere close. I’ve asked my dad and he’s ok with it and he asked logical questions like “is she a decent girl?” “How long will you be out?” “What will you be doing?”. I totally get those questions. But I have to ask my mom too and I’m so nervous because I have to ask tomorrow and I’m more nervous to ask than to hangout with the girl

It’s just a hangout and not a date, but I know my mom won’t see that. When I get nervous my voice gets shaky and I stutter so then I feel like I’m lying. Idk how to ask

I literally started crying while trying to think of how I’m gonna do this. She makes me so anxious I can’t do it

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you?