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If not for money? why work?

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u/No_Junket_8139 Socialist Jan 28 '22

Even when youre the best employee in the place, saying "Im only working here for the money" (like everybody else in the workplace) can sometimes lead you to getting fired


u/TGOTR Jan 28 '22

Is that supposed to scare me into conforming?


u/garaks_tailor Jan 28 '22

No i think he means just be aware people can be delusional assholes that think you work for some other reason they made up in their heads and who will get really angry at anyone who also doesn't the made up rules they never explain to anyone.


u/punkr0x Jan 28 '22

Honestly I'd rather they not explain the made up rules. Nothing is worse than getting dragged into a conference room so the CEO can go on a 90 minute rant about how ungrateful we all are.


u/garaks_tailor Jan 28 '22

My former CEO ranting about how nationalized healthcare would cost 30% of our salaries.

Me: "so about the same as insurance does now."

Him: pause, stare. Brain overwrite so that didn't occur


u/Finalfantasylove85 Jan 28 '22

Would cover more than your insurance probably does


u/TGOTR Jan 28 '22

But mah wait times!


u/Finalfantasylove85 Jan 28 '22

What do you mean "suddenly everyone is able to afford a doctor and have needs to be seen for"? The nerve of some people! /s


u/TGOTR Jan 28 '22

I imagine we'd see more Karens at the hospital than we do now. "My kid stubbed his toe! he needs to be seen now!"


u/CLINTHODO lazy and proud Jan 28 '22

Delusional assholes like that need to be confronted with reality at every opportunity. Never let them get comfortable thinking that bs is real.


u/c_twister Jan 28 '22

Every person in that conference room should've walked out, while laughing at how pathetic that is. Stand up for what you believe in. If you do. People will respect you


u/MarlDaeSu Jan 28 '22

It's more ruthless than that I think. They want to see if you'll dance like a good Marionette to their fucked up song.


u/HugsyMalone Jan 29 '22

ROFLMFAO!!! 不不不不不

Any employer who doesn't realize most people are only working there for the money are completely delusional and probably aren't worth working for anyway.

Buddy. Listen. You really believe everyone who told you in the interview they have a passion for digging trenches actually grew up being passionate about digging trenches like it was their only aspiration in life??

Shit! The one who tells you they're only there for the money is the only one who isn't lying to themselves.


u/Buwaro Jan 28 '22

I absolutely hate this mentality from managers.

"What do you mean if I stopped paying you, you wouldn't be here. You mean to tell me your life goal wasn't to be a wage slave producing parts for securing boxes into semi trailers?"


u/X0AN Jan 28 '22

Often the best employees are let go for some bs reason because a shite manager feels threatened by them.

Seen it happen time and time again.

This is why you rarely get a team of A* employees.


u/Buwaro Jan 28 '22

Or a manager passes a good employee up for a promotion because he knows that will put them one step closer to their position.


u/MarbleFox_ Jan 28 '22

Its wild to me how weve always been expected to be like:

Oh Im super passionate about burgers! I just love the grill and knew from they day I could walk my dream was to become a fry cook! And I especially love the burgers at this place! Ive been a huge fan of the brand and culture here since The day I was born!

Just to get an entry level minimum wage job


u/shallow_not_pedantic Jan 28 '22

An army of SpongeBobs is what they expect.


u/mothtoalamp Jan 29 '22

I wish I could feel like SpongeBob when I go to work. Sadly neither the pay nor the tasks merit it.


u/shallow_not_pedantic Jan 29 '22

Same, baby. Same.


u/Taokan Jan 28 '22

I remember my first boss saying something along the lines of "there's restaurant people, and there's people that work in a restaurant."

And I'm like bro, I'm enrolled in college on a CS degree, I hope we can be real with each other that this isn't my life long career.


u/Unabashable Jan 28 '22

Guess they think were all Spongebob.


u/MarbleFox_ Jan 28 '22

Man, if fry cooks were paid enough to buy a huge 3 floor single family home with a rooftop greenspace in a major city on just a single income Id be all over that grill.


u/FiddlerOnACliff Jan 28 '22

From a distance he can run from every morning and night no less.


u/Unabashable Jan 28 '22

Honestly they have to be thinking were living in a cartoon because if they paid us like Mr. Krabs did (which isnt far off) wed be living under a rock like Patrick.


u/HugsyMalone Jan 29 '22

Id be all over that grill.

Stop getting all up in my grill!

*hugz** )


u/comradegritty Jan 29 '22

"Yer hired, me boy! Argargargarg!" -your boss, a talking crab.


u/jdgoodspeed Jan 29 '22

Well, if you can get away with that attitude, great. But if there 10 others looking for the opportunity to flip burgers, you just have to suck it up. Alternatively, learn a skilled trade that's in higher demand that not too many people are in to.


u/Alakazam_5head Jan 28 '22

Most employers play around with such ludicrous profits that they can choose to fire their best employees. They're long past the point of needing good employees to stay in business


u/oxpoleon Jan 28 '22

It's catching up to a lot of them now.


u/jdgoodspeed Jan 29 '22

Wow, I don't know of too many companies in that enviable position, perhaps some Fortune 500 companies. Find a smaller company that can truly appreciate the skills that you bring to the table.


u/Old_Smrgol Jan 28 '22

If you're the best employee in the place, you don't have to say it.

You ask for a raise, you talk about how well you do your job, and then if they don't give you the raise you go work for more money somewhere else.


u/RepresentativeFull51 Jan 28 '22

Managers who love their job because they sit back and do nothing but get paid all the money somehow be genuinely confused when you come to work "just for a check" like you don't do all the work that they get paid the extra money for like??


u/Stinkydew Jan 28 '22

Bull shit


u/jdgoodspeed Jan 29 '22

It's a two way street. I was a brash employee. If you have the talent and if that talent is superior in the marketplace, you can be brash and get away with it. If your skills are common place and easily replaced, it's best to be enjoyable to have around.