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“They got you fighting a culture war to stop you fighting a class war” Other

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u/No_Junket_8139 Jan 28 '22

they think it’s good that rich people are taxed less.

Because they have the very unlikely hope they'll be rich one day. "Rich people cant be taxed more, what if I become rich one day?!"


u/Baconpanthegathering Jan 28 '22

None of them understand what "trickle down economics" is, but have learned to cite it in any argument- as if its a solid economic stance. They just needed good 'ol Ronnie to give them a legit sounding "theory" and no further questioning was done. It's so ingrained in the right at this point that its taken for granted. (It's total BS)


u/MushyWasHere Jan 28 '22 Gold

You do realize you're participating in the culture war when you say this shit... right?


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '22

We're on fucking /r/WorkReform and you're saying "Tax the rich" is culture war.

It's fuckin' DOA, y'all. Pack it up..


u/AlexKamal Jan 28 '22

There are polls that say exactly this.


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u/AlexKamal Jan 28 '22

I mean, there are various polls from the different sources run by different organizations. That’s the only data I can think of that isn’t just some guy telling his individual story, which frankly, means nothing when talking in generality.


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u/LarryLovesteinLovin Jan 29 '22

Then there are the ones that just lie anyway


u/AlexKamal Feb 07 '22

With over 300 million people in this country, what you are saying is touchy feel-good stuff, but isn't feasible at all from any sort of logistical or statistical standpoint.


u/matthoback Jan 28 '22

You do realize you're participating in the culture war when you say this shit... right?

Delusions of being a temporarily embarrassed billionaire isn't a culture.


u/KniFeseDGe Jan 28 '22

Ferengi don't want to stop the exploitation, not when there is a chance that one day they will become the exploiter.