r/WorkReform Jan 27 '22

[deleted by user]




u/chamberofcoal Jan 27 '22

Everyone needs to, but I have a feeling a lot of people are really invested in the drama.


u/gotdamnboottoobig Jan 27 '22

You can still be invested in the drama, but we gotta show em that what happened wasn't okay and that we're taking this opportunity to make a better representation of what anti-work stood for


u/chamberofcoal Jan 27 '22

Oh I agree, that community is just dead in the dirt, ole Stinky Girl killed it real quick. I think everyone needs to shift here immediately, and we need leaders. ASAP. We can not be represented by a 21 year old that literally doesn't work. This is about people that are doing everything and it's not enough. Not whatever the fuck fantasy utopia that fucking idiot thought they were the Messiah of.