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Employers punishing employees for discussing pay may violate the National Labor Relations Act


From "Human Resource Management (15th ed.) By Mathis, Jackson, Valentine and Meglich:

"Some firms have policies that prohibit employees from discussing their pay with other employees, and violations of these policies can lead to disciplinary action. However, such policies may violate the National Labor Resource Act."

Reassurance for whoever needs it, but do your own due diligence to follow up.

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New Treasury Report Finds Corporate Concentration, Anti-competitive Practices Have Stifled Wages for Workers and Reduced their Power in the Marketplace | U.S. Department of the Treasury

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BREAKING: Video game workers at Raven Software, a subsidiary of Activision-Blizzard, have WON their union election! Let's go!!

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A 4 year degree is worth 0.75 USD more, and only 17.00 total.

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Work should never be a death sentence

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Saw this in the airport bathroom. Seems to apply to a lot of jobs.

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Teachers need to be paid more!

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Teachers deserve more. More money, more respect, more input, more autonomy. Support our teachers.

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Raven Software employees win union election

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I’m a teacher, and will have contact with 100 kids tomorrow

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We Need to Start Demanding Inflation Adjusted Pay.


The more we fight for higher wages, the more they rise their prices to maintain profits. If we don't start forcing employers to adjust pay based on inflation at least every 6 months, we're not going to get anywhere. This should be a standard practice to protect the working class, but instead we have a system that allows the big guys to discretely reduce our incomes with no repercussions.

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The pandemic put an end to required birthday cupcakes, team happy hours and forced ‘fun’ activities. Many workers are deeply relieved.

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We're about to experience the 5th (6th? 7th?) "oNcE iN a LiFeTiMe" economic downturns within our lifetime


Reverse repo just broke $2 Trillion for the first time.

This is a federal program that only big banks and financial institutions are allowed to participate in, where they give the government money, and the government guarantees they can pull out whenever they want, but the return rate is a negative 3% APR. That's right, it's worse than holding cash because cash has 0% returns.

In other words, this is only a beneficial program if you expect the market to crash so badly that we have deflation (negative inflation) in excess of 3%. For comparison, the Great Recession, the biggest crash since the Great Depression, only saw deflation of -0.36%. And banks are now placing a $2,000,000,000,000 bet that this crash will be at least 8 times worse.

When are we going to replace this system with a sustainable one?

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I was today years old when I realized attendance grades and awards serve to further indoctrinate young people to prioritize productivity over anything else.


I'm in my mid-30's. Throughout elementary and middle school we were graded on attendance, and a few teachers in high school even continued this. Up through 6th grade, students who never missed a day received perfect attendance awards. Many teachers offered special bonuses to students who had perfect attendance as well, like dropping their lowest quiz score of the semester to improve their overall grade.

It just hit me like a sack of bricks what utter BS this is. There are already laws on minimum attendance, and those who miss fewer days will likely have better grades anyway since they were present for instruction and assistance, so there's no real benefit to further incentivizing attendance except to condition children to work while sick or coping with personal issues. This is just one more way the system is rigged to squeeze more productivity out of workers, at the cost of their health and well-being.

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Things are slowly changing, depending on where you live.

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University of Vermont staff members win their 1st union contract

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Standardized CEO pay


Random shower thought. What if there was a law that calculated the maximum pay for executives of a company.

Something along the lines of: The executives of a company can only be paid a maximum of 15x the average salary of the lowest 10% of full time employees or equivalent full time employees in their business.

To cover the bonuses, their max bonus can only be 2x the lowest employees wage.

Watch wages skyrocket after as CEOs scramble to get paid and bonuses.

Sure it would be a shit show for a while, but this way the share holders get their pay from their shares and CEOs are directly affected by the pay of their lowest employees.

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Owner wants me to work for free


Hey, I know this isn't an advice subreddit. Mostly just wanted to call out some small business tyrant bs.

I (32F) work for a small company, we have less than 15 employees total. I have been here for 3 1/2 years, my boss likes me and my work life balance has been pretty good, which is the main reason I like my job.

The owner (late 50s M) recently asked me to "help" him by familiarizing myself with the LEED green building certification process. The owner bought an office building for the company to move to later this year, and he would like to get it certified during the renovations he's making. I have no experience with LEED, and only tangential experience with general construction and project management.

What bugs me is he specifically asked me to read up on this information outside of work hours, as to not take me away from my work that I was hired for. I initially agreed, full well knowing I was just going to do the research during my time on the clock. But the more I think about it, the more pissed off it makes me. On the same day, my boss mentioned to me that allegedly the owner complained that he "always" sees me on my phone when I'm in the office. My boss said she doesn't care since I get my work done well and in a timely manner, and that the owner is just "old fashioned".

To be honest, this makes me want to quit. First, the owner tried to exploit me by asking for my time for free, then complained about me behind my back? It's just ick all around.

I currently makes $58k/year which is good, but not a lot for where I live since I am a single person. Additionally, I have checked Glassdoor for my job title and years of experience, and I am being underpaid $7k/year. Also, my employer doesn't pay anything for medical insurance premiums.

I don't think it's worth it to bring it up because the owner has been known to act aggressive and unprofessional, so there's no recourse for understanding there. I was always fine with just coming in and doing my job as long as he didn't get shitty with me. But he done goofed now imo.

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Quote from Children of Dune:

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Found in the wild. I think the grey sky's add to the overall dystopian feel of the piece.

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Bullying. The silent epidemic of workplace abuse.

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Getting broker by the week

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PA Salaried Systems Engineer required to do certification class on my own time or lose my job


Is there any federal or state protections for this?

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Is this shady sick leave practice?


I've been working this job for almost a year with no issue. But the other day I called out sick from work 5 hours before my shift per company policy. Boss was cool with it and I went about my day. Never have I had to ask to use my sick pay at any job, they do it automatically if you have any available when you call out. Was not the case this time. So when I return to work the next day I asked my boss to use my sick leave for the day before. Her response was "we removed the shift from your schedule and gave it to someone else, so we can't give you sick pay for that shift." Something about this just seems illegal to me. If it was that easy to avoid paying out sick leave then every employer would be doing it. Her reasoning was that if the hours are removed before the scheduled shift time then I am no longer entitled to those hours. Is this correct? Did they find a loophole, or should I fight them on it?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, there is a work policy that allows them to "alter the scheduled hours with or without notice to employee" and my dumb boss thinks they can use this to forgo paying sick leave. Just found out they did it to several other employees recently as well.

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Two weeks notice or nah


So I’ve been working for this toxic asshole that basically gets rid of anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass. I’ve performed my job well but now he won’t leave me alone, writing me up for stupid shit that before, when I thought he was an ok boss, he would’ve overlooked. I’ve got a start date at a better company and really want to just quit to say fuck you but everyone is telling me to put my two weeks notice in. I don’t think I’ll be rehireable so I don’t see the point…… what should I do?

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When a company puts profits ahead of people, it affects millions of poor babies.

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Paid and Unpaid Time Off Question


Is it normal for salaried employees to have to take unpaid time off once they use their paid time off?

It just seems counter to the whole "Salary" status. Why am I being nickel and dimed for hours when I'm not an hourly employee? It just seems like "Salary" means Hourly+ or just hourly since I have to fill out a timecard and work at least 8 hours a day.