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The truth about $BBIG with the latest DD DD with Squeeze Potential

The reality:
On 01/12/2022, when $BBIG first started getting pumped on reddit, it was just that. A pump. It didn't have the numbers to support an actual short squeeze. Despite that, the price climbed from $2.17 to $5.99. However, because it didn't have the underlying metrics needed to support a short squeeze, it quickly fell back to the $3.00 range.

Now the good news:
Because the pumpers did such a fantastic job of pumping it, they actually created a short squeeze!

Here's the current numbers as of this morning:
• Short Interest: 31.7% (ORTEX)
• Borrow Fee: 85.35% (ORTEX), 112.17% (WEBULL), 80.93% (FINTEL)
• Utilization: 100% (maxed out today)
• On the REG SHO list


Social Presence numbers:
• Ranked #7 on WeBulls Popularity List with 257K watchers
• 65K watchers on StockTwits
• Trending #3 on Stocksera
• Trending heavy on Reddit with over 50 unique threads

Added Bonus:
Cryptyde, a subsidy of BBIG is spinning off to become it's own publicly traded company on the NASDAQ under the ticker TYDE. It's been coming for months, bringing buyer interest, but they FINALLY filed the Form 8 paperwork to register TYDE with the NASDAQ yesterday!

According to the Form 10 filed 2 days ago by BBIG, for every 10 shares of BBIG you own, you'll receive 1 free share of TYDE when it launches. (You keep your 10 shares of BBIG, plus 1 free share of TYDE) According to the Form 8 SEC filing yesterday, TYDE shares have an exercise price of $10.

Simply put: at BBIG's current price, you're looking at an instant 34% profit. The 52w low of BBIG is $1.95 so it would have to drop below the 52w low before the combined shares of BBIG and TYDE are out of the profit range.

Side notes:
If you're going to join the party, please remember to buy at the ASK price. This eats away at the sell-side standing orders and creates (or adds to) upward price momentum. This strategy applies to investing in any short squeeze (regardless of what stock it is). Short Squeezes in particular see heavy action from Hedge Funds trying to push the price down. Following this strategy is how us bull combat this!


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u/Leoza0 Jan 28 '22

what makes u think these short positions arent hedged with options?



thank you


u/Leoza0 Jan 28 '22

thanks for this comment