r/Shortsqueeze Jan 28 '22

TSRI why I am gonna hold this to 20$$$ DD

Now that the paper-hands are out ...

Following https://iborrowdesk.com/report/tsri I can guess that nearly 15000shares were covered in the last 2 hours. I think this covering was responsible from the jump from 13.40s to 13.74.

Imagine what would happen if at least a third of the shorts estimated to be at hundreds of thousands cover.

Following history, I see that the 12$ was continuosly shorted, I dont know if that resistance was created by them or not but the thing is, they clearly havent covered and are underwater.

The price went up.

They shorted it the 26th and the 27th, following the 12$ resistance.

And the price went higher.

The 27th we got the short interest data on fintel. The stock went from low 12s to middle 14s.

AND we only saw 30k shares covering.

I repeat, imagine what a real covering would look like.

Remember PIXY, remember ISIG. Then someday, when this squeezes, you will use it as another example.


u know what that means.


Some guy was spreading FUD about a possible dillution... Guess what. This company hasnt dilluted or offered any shares in 12 FUCKIN YEARS.

The risk is still there obviously, but they also have 6 MILLION in cash. They have 12 months to dillute but didnt do it 2 weeks ago when the stock hit 11$