r/MicrosoftWord Jan 22 '22

Graphics don't Export to PDF

I have a new (Windows) computer with a new version of Office (Home & Student 2021). I do not seem to be able to export a document to PDF and have it include graphics (inserted jpegs). It does the conversion with no graphics at all. Oddly, I did this successfully (save as) a couple weeks ago, but I cannot replicate it now. I have tried all the online directions with no success. I can however use Adobe's online function, and it works, but it is a hassle. Can anybody help identify what I am doing wrong?


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u/Exact-Diver-6076 Jan 22 '22

I have a real problem with these new "lean" versions of Office. And they always try to steer you to the web.

For your problem, you might want to use Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop and convert your images to PDF and then insert them in your document. Worth a try.