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Little boy just wants to hug the police officer


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u/gotdamnboottoobig Jan 24 '22

"You guys realize without someone to enforce the rules no one will follow the rules?"

the "defund the police" movement in ACAB is just a punchier way for them to say "we should spend more money on mental health, addiction and housing resources so we have less crime instead of not caring about that and dumping all the money into punishment after the crime has been committed". It's not about literal anarchy like you seem to believe.


u/[deleted] Jan 24 '22



u/gotdamnboottoobig Jan 24 '22

people have been saying that for years lmao they needed something that would actually get people's attention


u/un-chien-galicia Jan 24 '22

are you fucking serious? people have been pushing for this shit for literal decades. our government is evidently not working with us because we have democrats in office who even though they promised things like cutting college loan debt, decriminalizing drugs, and helping the poor economically, they haven’t done jack shit to help absolutely anyone. and republicans don’t even try to hide it, people are constantly on FOX news saying how poor people are poor by choice and demonizing both the poor and the disprivileged. you’re genuinely fucking blind if you think we haven’t been trying to change this system for a LONG time (to no avail).

but youre right im sure if they just pulled themselves up by the boot straps and got some petitions signed at the local park everything will be fixed 🙄 use your brain please