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Unpopular Opinion: Olympiad exams are shit and a bunch of scams #Opinion 🗣️

Pre covid,straight to the story. I took computer for olympiad and started studying every single day learnt a lot of facts abt computers Although I did mug it up, it was interesting I was full on confident when the exam came and almost all of the questions was about Microsoft spreadsheet and how it works nd the features blah blah yada yada :|, and nothing related the other topics which put so much time on; like why TF would u make an exam related to an app/application? Microsoft spreadsheet is an app Which will be worthless in a few years not an invention its a consumer product that will be temporary does anyone agree with me? Tbh I’m starting to realise the That these are just businesses full of scame

Or am I arrogant?


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u/Appointment-Funny Oct 26 '21

Depends on what olympiad you're talking about. The SOF "Olympiads"? Corporate bullshit scam. The actual, international Olympiads are legit tho. If you get to the IMO then it's pretty much an auto admit to any international University. IIT even offers auto admit to those who represented India at the Olympiads.