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[DISCUSSION] Let’s give a HUGE round of applause to the Mods and Givers of this Subreddit! DISCUSSION

Before I continue, unfortunately I do not know who actually created this Subreddit or a group of individuals at that, as I know a Mod can join in later on when the Subreddit grows. Regardless, everyone to to credit for even if someone just joined a couple months ago for an example, with that out of the way though let’s get started!

I discovered this Subreddit over the Summer and I’m really loving it a tons! One huge difference from the other gift Subreddit regarding video games, is how this seems to be the only Subreddit that actually lets you request a game rather than one where you just enter/conduct giveaways, so I find that really awesome! On top of that, every and any platform is allowed on here, not just exclusive to Steam or Xbox, everything is allowed.

The gifters in this community are also a blast, whether it be giveaway contenders or those who grant users wishes being their requests. We have a few notable individuals here who love to conduct many giveaways or grant requests which is truly awesome, and of course we have those new residents who do giveaways or say “y’know what? I’ll buy this sir/ma’am this game cause why not?!”

Of course the Mods and Givers are truly blessed, but I would also just love to thank this entire community as well. I love reading requests and granting them every now and then, I love doing giveaways, and I love participating in giveaways. I truly love reading everything though as everyone here is so kind or has something interesting to say, I truly appreciate the request posts that give many many details that they don’t need to provide, but do anyway <3. The Mods also do an amazing job at making sure everything is right, as in no negativity or no citizens harassing gifters to force them to buy a game or let them win the giveaway, since we all need to be fair here.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the names of the usual giveaway conductors or granting requests residents, so please tag them down below if you desire to do so. God bless ladies and gentlemen, Godspeed, and truly thank you to everyone I love being here and let’s show some love towards everyone ESPECIALLY the Mods and Givers people woooooooo!

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