r/DaystromInstitute Jan 28 '22

Does Risa being the seemingly only paradise planet with out a nefarious secret seem suspicious to anyone?

Every other paradise planet the crews encounter that are all sunshine and roses and lovers paradise have some dark side to them. It makes me a little bit suspicious of Risa. I didn't confirm every paradise planet plot out there, but I don't recall any other that are as benign as Risa. They have an internal political plot episode, that's about it. No salt vampires. No man trap. No Sicarian lies. No death penalty for minor crimes. No mind control. Just orgy, gluttony, sloth, and general hedonism. I'm suspicious.


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u/Eurynom0s Jan 29 '22

Weren't the terrorists Risian though? So you could argue they're Risa's dark secret.


u/darthkurai Jan 29 '22

No, they weren't Risian, they were Federation extremists.