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Questions What are the weirdest 'Brain glitches' you've experienced?


There's a lot of neuroscientists who talk about how reality is 'simulated' by our brains, sort of like a controlled hallucination. I'm wondering how bizarre perceptions can be when brains experience 'glitches'.

Example: Deja vu is a glitch in the brain, it's the brain short circuiting and producing a false memory on the spot.

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Questions waiter almost cried.


Went out to brunch with my husband and kids and when the waiter brought us our drinks the water tipped on his tray. Soaking myself and my son. I laughed it off telling him no harm done water didn't get on my phone so not a huge deal. I looked at this kid and his face was pure terror mixed with the frown you can't control when you want to cry so badly and are trying to just keep it together. I again told him it was okay! No one's hurt and hey! It's a hot day out we could use a bit of cooling down. He thanked me for being understanding and ran to get towels to clean up the water. Continuing to apologize and I kept reassuring him everything was great we are okay!

I've had more than one experience like this were tiny mistakes have been made and met with crazy apologies. Do these people have ptsd from meanies??.

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Questions I asked my friends this question and they actually had no idea what their answer should be.


If you had an extra body part, what would it be?

I’d take an extra eyeball and slap it on the back of my head. No creeping up on me anymore.

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Questions Does it confuse the hell out of anybody else when people substitute names with letters when they’re telling a story on Reddit?


For example, they’ll start out with: “I don’t want to name names, so let’s call my mom X, my sister G, my dad L, and my best friend O. X told O and I that we needed to take G to a party with us, but L completely disagreed because G had repeatedly made O feel uncomfortable by demanding that O and I include her in everything we do.” And the story goes on like that.

It makes me feel like my brain is broken. Who can keep up with so many variables?! If you’re worried about protecting identities, I feel like surely it’s more readable to change names entirely than it is to replace them with letters. Although maybe it’s just me and the way my noggin is wired!

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Questions Do you cover your laptop cameras? If so, why?


Right now I'm watching a stand up on my laptop and, randomly' I just took a glance at my camera. There was asmall red point there which usually appears when I use it for videocalls, etc. I found it sketchy, closed all my other tabs and apps I don't use right now. Still there. I went to take a sticker, when i returned it was gone. Still put it on anyways.

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Questions Is it just me or does anyone think the ice-cream Ben & Jerry’s is incredibly overrated?


I decided a couple weeks ago to go to a local shop to buy this particular ice cream as I’ve always seen so much ads on the ice cream on TV and on Youtube also. first when I went to the freezer/fridge area, noticed right away that the ice cream was incredibly pricey for just a tub that size. I got the cookie dough flavour/ice cream and honestly my first thoughts about it was it literally just tasted like any normal ice cream and alot of cookie bits inside. literally wasn’t anything special about it. Maybe this is me being a bit narrow minded just because I tasted one particular flavour from them but i feel like the other flavours would probably just have a bland flavour. They really do advertise their ice cream well I must say.

again just my view and opinion.

edit: just a disclaimer, this post isn’t intended to offend anyone who enjoys the Ben & Jerry’s ice-creams and I apologise to anyone who is upset/offended by this post. maybe I am being a bit too close minded/narrow minded to try and test other flavours before i give out a strong opinion but this is more of a first impressions of the ice cream. hopefully I don’t come across being rude because i’m far from that. this is not an “attack” on the makers of the company as they do seem like really nice/chill guys due to their charity work etc from what i looked up online, just more of an opinion/first impressions on when i tasted the ice-cream.

on another note, i will defiently be trying the ice creams you reccommend so will defiently be getting back to you guys on your reccommendations, maybe you guys will change my mind on ice creams lol!

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Questions A question for the people in the US, are marketing and spam calls really that common?


I work as a medical interpreter, and as such I have to call a lot of people in the US with their medical providers to help with the communication. It’s probably obvious already, but I’m not from or live in the US.

Whenever I call it’s very common for people to not answer their phone and for me to leave a voicemail, or to answer at the second call. Even more, today I called a lady and when answer she was very blunt and a bit aggressive, but when she learned that I was calling with a nurse from her doctor’s office she apologized and said that she receives a lot of spam calls and that’s why she was so blunt.

I live in Colombia and at most I receive unwanted calls like once every month or so, perhaps even less, usually from my own phone carrier to offer me other services, and like three times a year I’d get calls from my bank offering me a credit card, but it has stopped since I got one.

How often do you get spam calls?

Edit: damn y’all, spam and scam calls seem to be a pandemic of their own. I didn’t have any idea it was THAT bad.

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Questions What's a weird rule you have that's never steered you wrong?


For example one of mine is "Never trust anyone with a Yahoo email." I'm just generally suspicious of people in 2022 who have a Yahoo email address, but maybe it's unfair, all I know is it's never caused me a negative outcome to be distrustful of these people. I wonder what kinds of strange rules you have that are hopefully not offensive and have never let you down.

Edit: WOWWW I didn't expect this to blow up. RIP my grandma

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Questions We Meet a Lot of Temporary People


So I have recently become a young adult. I finished my first year of college and joined several communities and clubs of other young people. I thrive in the college lifestyle––meeting new people, going on dates, and hanging out with close friends several nights a week is exactly how I pictured my life being when I hit this age. It's a fun time of life!

But something odd happens when you get older, something that nobody told me about. You meet all these friends, and you have all these strong connections linked with memories, but then eventually a lot of it ends. Your friends get married and spend more time with their spouses (I mean, as they should!). Or they move away, because they got offered a better job. Or they change their lifestyle in a way that is incompatible with your own.

We meet a lot of temporary people in our young adult years. Obviously not all of them leave, but certainly not all of them can stick. It is a bittersweet feeling. The mix of pride because we are growing and changing, but also the ache of growing in opposite directions.

Has anybody else felt this way? Does anybody have advice for coping with these kinds of mixed emotions?

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Questions Does anyone else just crave being by the water?


I'm not picky about the water. Ocean, river, creek, lake.... I even love the rain! But it's like I have to be near it. My preferred place is by the ocean, in a quaint little town. A cabin by a creek, is a solid second place. :).

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Questions Is a $20 tip too much?


I had a $125 gift certificate for a very high end restaurant that I went to yesterday. It was incredibly fancy, you had a choice of 4 to 6 courses that were all delicious and even the atmosphere of the place was perfect. I went there alone and my server was really sweet, he tried to make small talk with me to make me comfortable, etc. The food was just incredible too. The meal altogether ended up costing $100 and I wanted to give my server whatever was left on my gift card as a tip, but he said he couldn't since it was a gift card, so I just tipped him $20 on my credit card. Now my boyfriend says I'm way too generous and I shouldn't have tipped anything since it was supposed to be free anyway. The food was so amazing tho that I just wanted to pay something even if it was supposed to be free, especially since the place was very fancy I didn't wanna be cheap and not tip anything. Anyways my question is, is a $20 tip too much for a meal? What do you think?

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Questions Anyone else just loves the vibe that gas stations at night give?


It's a long way ahead and behind you. Doesn't matter if you're heading home or to some different place. You're excited to get to the finish. Your car stops and cold fresh air strokes your face as youre opening car door. You can hear the white fluorescent lights buzzing just until the moment a pair of strangers open the door to the shop. They're giggling a little.

Damn you're hungry and a bit tired, so a cup of coffee or a tea, maybe, is little moment of pleasure along with some tasty snack.

As you payed for the food, you go outside.. again. Let's take a bite and watch the moving headlights of driving cars bleeding into one big neon line.

I dont know, i just love this feeling and i hope i'm not the only one.

Edit: i meant the big gas stations in the middle of nowhere (mainly highways) well lit and not really lonely. I understand that some sketchy gas stations can be really dangerous place, especially at night.

Edit2: it might sound unbeliavable. Im a woman (i guess lol) BUT i do look like a guy a lot so i dont feel threatened by anyone. It's very sad to see a lot of people in general feeling unsafe just because they are a woman.

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Questions What's something you splurged on recently?


Anything goes! Whether it's a nice block of cheese you really enjoy but typically wouldn't have paid that much for, getting a pedicure for the first time in a few years, or a vacation to the Bahamas. The total cost doesn't matter as long as it's a purchase that isn't 'normal' for you but will bring you joy.

My recent splurge was a large, handmade plushie - a 4 foot long Falkor/luck dragon. I adore it, and don't regret a penny, but it definitely cost way more than I'd typically spend on a plush toy.

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Questions What’s something popular/mainstream that you have little to no knowledge about?


I could answer with a lot of things. I’ve never watched/read Harry Potter, never watched LOTR and Star Wars until a few months ago, and didn’t even know who many well known celebrities/directors (Spielberg, Tom Holland, Cardinal B, etc.) were until recently (Yeah, I’m pretty out of touch lol). How about y’all?

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Questions How many times a month do you say you go to the movies?


This can be before the pandemic if you don’t go now as much, or now, I know movies are packed like they were before.

I’d say in a month I go to the movies at least 5-8 times.

EDIT: Thanks for the answers but I find all of your lack of theater experiences… disturbing. Lmao.

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Questions How did everyone get their username?


I love to ask this question for some reason. Personally, I just... Like potatoes. However, some people have the weirdest stories for their names. I just wanna hear it, and unless your comment is a comment on another comment, I will try to respond to it.

2 things real quick :)

Good vibes here, no judging plez ;)

Feel free to ask any other questions ALONG with your username. I will not answer any comments that are just questions. If they are to someone else, go ahead by all means :)

To whom who have seen this, have a great day <3

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Questions What is something that you are looking forward to?


I don’t know about others, but I love to have something to look forward to in the near future.

What is something within the next 6 months or so that you are looking forward to?

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Questions What do you do in your free time?


I have so much free time on my hands and very little idea of how to spend it. I want to get engaged with more hobbies, but I feel like perfectionism and a tendency to get overwhelmed gets in the way. I never know where to start with things or even just how to start. So I’m looking for ideas on things to do, and I’m just genuinely curious about how other people spend their time.

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Questions What are some things that make you realize life is okay after all?


Sometimes, I just need some things to remind me that life is pretty good & humanity isn’t that bad after all! Everyone has such different life experiences and comfort things they gravitate towards that i’d love to hear yours! <4

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Questions "Your clothing is as boring as your personality."


During dinner, one of my (not so close) friends said the following to me after I told him where I bought my new clothes from:

"Your clothing is as boring as your personality"

He cut deep. It's one of my biggest insecuritylies and I felt anger but I couldn't find the courage to say anything back except to sit there and take it.

I am thinking of sending him a message saying how uncalled for and hurtful his statements at dinner were.

Am I being too sensitive about this? Should I just let it go and not bother with messaging him?

I honestly want to get to know him more and be more comfortable around him but it's hard...

What would you do?

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Questions I’m 21 now. When I’m 30, what will I wished I focused more of my time on?


When I look back at myself at 18, I see an incredibly ignorant kid. I actually cringe a bit when I remember some of my habits and thoughts! I want to avoid this as much as possible going forward. So, when I’m 30, what will I wish that focused on and what should I do to not regret how I spent my time? Cheers!

Update: I’ve received some really interesting and inspiring advice. I wanted to add some background in case that would be useful. When I was younger, I was a bit of a pathological liar. I would lie about the most random things like where I was from, what I ate that morning, etc. It caused me to never be able to act myself around others and make genuine relationships. I’ve been spending the past year or so trying to undo this horrible habit and reconstruct those friendships that I burned. I was able to lose about 40 lbs over the last few months which was great because I had body image issues. Thank you to everyone for your advice, I will for sure take as much of it into account as possible.

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Questions Why we make friends and talk so easily as a kid?


I was wondering why when we're kids we can become friends with pretty much anyone. Talking was much easier too. We could talk about anything, like we could say the most random stuff and nobody cared or judged, other kids were even happy to talk about it like it's the most normal thing in the world. Right now it's hard for me to start, keep the conversation going or make new friends. Man, i miss being a kid, everything was so simple.

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Questions What is a hobby or pastime that you want to enjoy more, but you can't really stand the other people who are into it?


Maybe I'm antisocial, but I find it interesting how I'm interested in things until I meet some of the other people who like it and they're just not my kind of people. I have to wonder if it's me or them that's really the issue, but there are certain fields that attract odd people. Maybe it's hypocritical to judge people who have at least one thing in common with me, but I can't help it. Can anyone relate?

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Questions How would you describe love?


What is love for you? How would you describe it if you had to? Do you connect the term „love“ to certain people, a song, a situation…? Or how would you describe this feeling in general? We all feel it and know it but never really talk about how we would actually describe it. So I’m genuinely curious. :)

Edit: thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate as those are very meaningful and deep for me. I enjoy reading everything and learning from one or the other mindset. Thanks. <3

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Questions My office mate is away on a business trip for a few days. Can you help me come up with a prank I can set up for his return?


He comes back Friday, and I have full access to his computer (with his permission, I didn't steal any passwords). The more elaborate and dumb the better!