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Advice Needed I’m fucked. I’m about to be outed.


I accidentally made an international call to my boyfriend on my phone and it was about two hours and it rung up about a 280$ charge on my family phone bill. My dad already saw it and asked me about it. He’s going to investigate it and find where the call was made and see the text logs between my bf and I and he’s gonna know. Idk what to do. I’m terrified.

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Advice Needed I can't tell if she's being serious or not

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Advice Needed Are neopronouns legit?


So i was just thinking about if people who call themselves "ghost/ghostself" are legit. If someone could tell me something about neogender i would appreciate it because i cannot quite wrap my head around it

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Advice Needed I saw this in the fridge. Do you think this means my parents aren't homophobic?

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Advice Needed I want Reddit to choose something for me

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Advice Needed I think im pan, but I prefer to call myself bi, is that alright?


Just wondering if thats alright with all of you, idk

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Advice Needed Am i still valid if I'm in a str8 relationship?


I don't know if it's the right sub to ask, buy anyway, i am a bisexual girl and i always get support, but now in my school i have a lot of queer friends who are in queer relationships and i am in a straight relationship, i have really low self esteem and now I am feeling like i'm "that girl who wants to be quirky so pretends to be bi" even if i know i am attracted to girls too, social (especially tik tok) are making me feel even worst about that, am I still valid if i am in a straight relationship? (plus, we are together from almost an year, so it's a long term elationship)

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Advice Needed I'm getting better at this, are there any colors you think would be good to try?

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Advice Needed Is It Weird To Not Be Attracted To More muscular Men?


I feel like I'm losing my mind writing this, but I Just can't stop thinking about it. I like Men and Women (Big surprise) however, I don't really like very muscular men, like that much at all. makes me think i'm faking the whole thing, like, Do i need to like be attracted to them to be bi? If i'm not being specific enough i'll reply, Thanks!

Edit: Thank you all for the support and differing viewpoints!, I appreciate all the love and you're all valid! Have a wonderful evening :)

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Advice Needed muslim bisexual


Hello, I am a 16 year old muslim who is bisexual. Is it okay for me to be like this? I feel like what I'm doing is a very big sin. I am religious but at the same time a bisexual. I am so confused about myself if it's okay to be like this. muslim bisexuals out there, please tell me what you think.

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Advice Needed I think I lost my first girlfriend


So we’re both 16 and this week is the last week of school pretty much. Past month or so she’s started talking to me less and it seems as tough she’s loosing interest in me. I talked to her about it and she said it’s not because of me but because of other stuff. She gets defensive when sad so I believed her, but today she blocked me on Twitter without a word. I have been crying all day and don’t know what to do anymore ;-; Send help I think I’m dying

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Advice Needed Am i still bi is I’m not attracted to real men?


The only men I actually find attractive are the Genshin guys, or anime characters. Oh and Loki though, he’s an exception. Does that still count as bi? Or am I just a lesbian? It probably doesn’t help that I’m head over heals in love with my girlfriend and can’t imagine myself with anyone else

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Advice Needed Can I call myself masculine


I I'm a male but I have pink nails what I still be considered masculine considering the fact that I'm 6 ft tall 220 lb

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Advice Needed I tried painting my nail! Didn't go too well but it's kinda nice, I'd appreciate some tips on how to do this correctly

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Advice Needed Is it even worth trying to meet people online?


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Advice Needed How did you figure out your gender


I am not making progress in finding it

Give me advice

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Advice Needed So…how did you know


I’m new here,I don’t know if this is correct or not (I mean,I suppose that is the good place to ask) but most of my friends and people ho know me tell me always the same thing:I look bi do to my corporal lenguaje,for how I like to dress myself (I like to be pretty elegant most of the time,even if is not necessary) and even for my maniere to talk.

It’s curious because those friends are bi the majority and they always say that I give them “bi vibes” or that they have a “radar” to detect other people that are bi.

I never had to ask me this question (if I am or not bisexual) and now I am always asking myself why they say that

How did everyone here know they are bi and can someone please help me to resolve this dilema please

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Advice Needed what's a good non-binary name to replace Viktor/Viktoria?


I'm non-binary and the name that i was given at birth is Viktor/ Viktoria which is a cool name but sense I'm I'm not a male nor a female i don't think it shoots me now. so if you have any ideas please help me

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Advice Needed How do you know if a girl likes you?


Send help

Last time I asked out a girl I ruined my friendship with her because I misread the signals and I don't want to do that again... ;-;

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Advice Needed Am I bi?


So basically I like girls ( im a man) but I master-bated to a photo of a man who’s name rhymes with Cames Jarles. But is it gay because it was because he had a bbl and looked feminine and it took me a bit longer to finish than usual?

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Advice Needed Am i bi?


Male (16) Always been attracted to girls.. Had some girlfriends too... Lately I got to know about femboys and i found them so cute and hot like some of them are so pretty!.. Im really attracted to femboys on internet but never had any irl encounter.. I know if I get a change to have sex with a cute ass femboy i will grab it.. So am I bi or straight..

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Advice Needed So I have a question


Is it normal for close friends to cuddle & kiss, I don’t want to date or be in a relationship, I don’t like dating tbh,

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Advice Needed My friend keeps 'flirting' with me.


He doesn't know I'm bi and does it only to me and one other member of our friend group. I think he's joking, as he always jokes about being vegan, yet eats chocolate every day. Idk what to think of it really...

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Advice Needed HOW DO YALL DO IT??


I f(17) have never dated anybody. Never kissed anyone. Never been anyones girlfriend. And it’s literally so annoying.

I’m raised Mormon so I’m kinda expected to date within the church, but I (being a raging homosexual) do not want to date any of the church boys cause they’ve all got that same straight white boy attitude that I hate. (Not all straight white boys ofc but you get the point.)

I would literally give up a limb to just experience dating somebody. Getting to kiss somebody. Holding someone’s hand. AGHHHHH

SO HOW DO YALL DO IT????? Is there a secret code I missed??? Did everybody just decide they wouldn’t tell me how to get a date??? And it’s not like there’s a lack of lgbt+ people either, cause all my other gay/bisexual friends have got boyfriends/girlfriends?? 😩

Also: bold of me to assume redditors go outside long enough to get dates lol

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Advice Needed how to give hints if you like your best friend?