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What is an instant turn on, that media portrays as as a turn off?


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u/No_Junket_8139 Jan 28 '22

Some women find their stretch marks and scars unattractive, and I dont get why. The scars look badass and the stretchmarks are basically normal


u/eyeIeyeIeyeIaye Jan 28 '22

I mean. They give birth, t heir body balloons up. It is a sign of being a mother it is cool.

I get we all have some kind of oh no they will see me and i'll be ugly, but when I was a kid I didn't care about anything like that. I learned to care about things like that. SO maybe I can unlearn that bullshit.


u/Dyonigi Jan 28 '22

Stretchmarks on boobs are so sexy. They make you images a petite girl with A cups waking up one day with triple Ds