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FAQ Friday: Fatherly Advice


What fatherly advice do you have for your fellow dudes?

What situation would you like fatherly advice on?

Ask and answer below!

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What is one thing that you would like your ex to know?


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What was the moment you knew you had finally gotten into shape/ lost enough weight / put on enough muscle?


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Why do I need to be the foundation all the time?


Life beats you down over and over again. Why is it considered manly to take those beatings and carry on like nothing ever happened. Maybe it’s just my situation but it feels like shitty things keep on happening that I’m suppressed to just keep on pushing through with no help

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what do men mean when they say “ i like you to date but i dont have feelings for you “


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How do you feel when people say “men are simple” when it comes to dating/relationships?


What are your thoughts on this statement? Do you feel like you’re simple when it comes to dating/relationships?

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What is one thing you wish you didn’t have to do to court women?


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Is it possible for a man to not be able to tell when he’s about to cum?


This may seem like a weird question lol but my bf said he sometimes can’t tell when he’s about to cum. I feel like that’s just some bs lie he made up to excuse himself for not pulling out

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Why are dating posts on this sub so depressing?


There is more access and resources to finding "the one" than ever before, and the ratio of men to women for most age groups is still around 50 50. The math just doesn't make sense as to why there is such doom and gloom.

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I want to become an environmentalist, what good causes to take up?


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If your wife/gf becomes disabled with uncertain outlooks, what will you do?


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what's the nicest words anyone has ever spoken to you?


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How do you deal with men hitting on/catcalling your gf/wife when you're next to her?


Do you say anything? Ignore it? Usually it happens when going by a group of guys on the sidewalk in NYC or some American city. Sometimes I feel like a wimp by ignoring it, but I don't want the hassle of a fight. She hates it and complains about men catcalling while she's without me too. It makes me want to beat some ass. Any tips?

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What’s something you’d tell your male friends but not your female ones?


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What are the biggest lessons you've learned from the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial?


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Want to move in with girlfriend but don’t know how family will react.


So I’m hoping for serious replies only, I’ve been frequenting this page and thing it’s actually been really beneficial for me

I’m 22yrs old and wanting to move in with my girlfriend within the next year ish time frame.

Issue is family is very much a marriage before living with partner family.

I think I’d be able to navigate it and take the heat if you will, but want to know if anyone has been in a similar situation and can maybe share how it went.

Thanks again guys, keep supporting eachother and giving genuine advice, love to see it and it makes my heart full.

Edit: girlfriend wants to move in as well as that seems like it is a common question.

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You’re their driver for the day. Both your mom and your wife, are coming with you. Who has the privilege of riding shotgun and why?


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Why is catcalling still a thing?


Every woman I’ve talked to has said how much they are annoyed by them and can often feel unsafe. Not to mention the cases where guys can get frustrated and follow the women not taking no for an answer. The advice I see on this for women is its best to ignore catcalls. So Guys why are we still doing this when most women dislike it?

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Men of Reddit, What Fiction Are You Reading (Besides Reddit)?


Since the beginning of the Pandemic and with it, the proliferation of Free Libraries in our area, I've taken to picking up books from there. I've collected quite a few of the Tom Clancy's, which are pretty awful reads once you've read a few and know his tricks.

Recently, I've tired of Adult books and switched to Teen Literature. Too bad nobody is dumping Harry Potter's in the Free Libraries. The most recent snag is titled "Fire Star" by Chris D'Lacey, which is Book 3 from the Last Dragon Chronicles. The first couple of chapters were good enough that I ordered the first two books from a used book dealer.

So, anyway, if you want to talk about something other than sex, Whatcha Readin'?

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How true is it that guys mostly befriend girls theyre actually attracted to?


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Men: how do you distinguish between a relationship and FWB?


EDIT: I'm not looking for info on how to find either of these. Just interested in men's perceptions of how they differ?

I don't' want a relationship, but my idea of having a good time with a guy doesn't involve sex only. I want the good parts of (what some would call) a relationship without the bad OR the commitment.

Basically, I want to go out for drinks, a walk and a chat, laughs while together, great sex! maybe some texting on occasion, but only when it works on both sides. I do NOT want to share our problems, argue, or have expectations of having to say where I/he goes, what I/we do, all that crap. Keep it light and fun, enjoy the good and none of the bad.

This is what I'd call a FWB situation. I'm entirely capable of caring about someone without emotional drama or "love." No falling in love or making any plans except for what's going on right now. No future. I don't consider this to be dating.

Men--thoughts? Would you call this a relationship? How does your idea of FWB differ?

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What's a secret about your job that saves money, or is a valuable/interesting piece of information for consumers of that particular field?